Perpetual War

For thousands of years, the Primordial Towers stood with their secrets. The world looked on with curious eyes until the cracking of the first led to millions of deaths.

The nations of the world fight to take control of the other Towers and use the power to rise above the pits of conflict, their actions causing the land to be engulfed by unspeakable horrors.

After countless centuries none can remember the start nor see the end. The wisest souls have chosen death before birth, yet far more continue to grow up to enter the slaughter.

Among this endless cycle stand four young souls set to enter the fray to end all wars:

The sniper who fights for survival at the chance for freedom

The captain that wants to fix the world to his image

The ace pilot clinging to the azure sky

And the mechanized driver eager for death

Each of them connected through their powers as espers, fighting for separate nations trapped in Perpetual War.

Part I: Natalia Ludmila

Chapter One: The Test

Chapter Two: Encampment

Chapter Three: Mission Briefing

Chapter Four: Competition

Chapter Five: To the Front

Chapter Six: Mud of the Trenches

Chapter Seven: Observations

Chapter Eight: Face to Face

Chapter Nine: Retaliation

Chapter Ten: Beginning

Part II: Bryce Coduire

Chapter One: A Brief Detour

Chapter Two: Route

Chapter Three: Escape

Chapter Four: The Acolyte

Chapter Five: Supply Camp

Chapter Six: Eve Before Battle

Chapter Seven: Glodan Fields

Chapter Eight: The Price of Battle

Chapter Nine: A Conflicted World

Part III: A lull

Chapter One: The Calm

Chapter Two: Recruitment

Chapter Three: The Journey North

Chapter Four: Emotions

Chapter Five: Passing Through

Chapter Six: In The Distance

Chapter Seven: The Next Step

Chapter Eight: Departure

Chapter Nine: Another Task

Chapter Ten: Bravan

Chapter Eleven: Magical Oddities

Chapter Twelve: An Old Thrill

Chapter Thirteen: The Scar of Yul

Chapter Fourteen: Under the Golden Moon

Chapter Fifteen: Webbing

Chapter Sixteen: Depths of Yul

Chapter Seventeen: Together Again

Chapter Eighteen: A Dark City

Part IV: Soon

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