This project is currently on hold, I will return to it! My focus is instead on a solo board game


Parasite is going to be a 3-6 player game with five players playing as a marine and the sixth player acting as a marine but is secretly a parasitic alien. The game takes place in the future on-board a human scout ship that had landed on a new planet and was forced to escape due to hostile alien organisms. During the confusion of the attack one of the marines had been killed and taken over by one of the aliens and entered the ship. Now the marines need to figure out who is the alien while trying to get their damaged ship back to their home, dealing with the hostilities of space along the way, from asteroids to solar flares. At the same time smaller aliens have dug into the outer hull of the ship and are now actively trying to destroy the ship.

The game is currently planned to be 2-3 hours long. During each turn the alien will be trying to evolve to grow stronger while staying hidden until seeing the opportunity to reveal itself and wreck havoc on the surviving marines. At the same time the alien will be using hidden crisis cards to direct its smaller minions to target certain systems on the ship and reveal vulnerabilities in the marine’s defense. The eventual goal of the alien being to eliminate all the humans as well as achieve other various goals such as creating enough biomass in the ships hull and crash it into the moon of the marine’s home and thereby create an ecosystem perfect for aliens a step away from the human’s home.

The marines on the other hand will be trying to eliminate the alien or get back to their home where better technology can easily clean the ship of all parasites. Until reaching their home the marines will be using limited supplies from basic weaponry like pulse rifles and heavy magnum pistols to automated turrets and armored suits. The marines however are in a constant rush to maintain the systems of the ship while trying to divert power and resources in using their more advance weaponry and have a better chance at survival.


As time goes by I’ll be posting updates with pictures and details on the game. My eventual goal is to release a print-and-play version in the coming months to get feedback and let all of you enjoy it! Once that is done and I’ve fixed the game up some more and play-tested it with friends and at conventions I’ll try to print the game with the best quality material that I can get.

Update 1: Introduction to Characters

Update 2: Introduction to the Ship

Update 3: Basic Turn Overview

Update 3: Human Early Gameplay

Update 4: Alien Early Gameplay

Update 5: Inventory Management

Update 6: Crisis Cards