Gray Sphere Saga

Gray Sphere Saga is the series of books that I am writing following multiple characters through a land that is about to become ravaged by war. This is not a traditional good vs evil fantasy novel, but instead depicts the struggles that each character has to go through to achieve their own personal goals or fail. The first three books follow a different set of characters dealing with a crisis that is starting to take hold over the continent of Kerden, the epicenter being the heart of the Peninsula of Kerden.

Book 1: Rucaern Orb

Prologue: The Dream

Book 2: Wisp’s Reverie

Release: Spring 2018

Prologue: Unknown Cause

Chapter One: Brothers

Book 3: Ice Reaper

Release: Fall 2018

This is the current world map depicting the area that the first two books take place in. I plan on expanding the map as time goes on, including adding Lunara which is to the north of the mountain range in the picture.