Perpetual War Arc Three is next Week!

As the title says, next week is arc three! Wednesday like previous releases!

There were many things to slow this release, but it is finally here. This arc is longer then the previous two and in my opinion really helps bring the story to the next level. Though I suppose you’ll all find out about that in the coming weeks as each chapter is posted.

On to another similar topic, the picture above is Liarie with a bit of a re-design! I worked with Mattias on giving her a more fitting look, her previous dress I was never sold on. He updated every picture that featured her in arc two and I’ll be going back to posts online with the old pictures to change them out.

Now for some slightly bad news. the story “Behemoth” that I was working on is on hiatus. For some reason the idea just hasn’t clicked with me. I have the outline, I enjoyed writing what I’ve gotten so far, but I’m just stuck… I decided to write something else for my side project, a story with a witch. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from “The Last Witch” that I decided I want to explore the idea more though it’ll be more of a spiritual successor. I’ll have details on that in the far flung future.

Last bit of news, I am planning for a name change for my publishing company. CardForge for as much as I like the name, it does not fit what my original goals were. I still have not decided on a name, but I’ll definitely forewarn you all of the change and re-design so you don’t lose track of where I go in the future.

Well, with all that said I look forward to getting you all access to chapter one next week. Chapter two will follow either two weeks later or three, I’m not 100% yet. I’ll have a news post after chapter one. You’ll be seeing activity from me a lot more now that I have content to share! Either way, see ya for now!

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