Progress reports every month? Every three weeks? At this point I guess whenever I have something interesting to report!

I received the third arc of Perpetual War back from the editor. There are definitely changes to be made, not too terribly many, though enough to keep me busy that is for sure. Based on how things are going I believe it is safe to say that the arc’s first chapter wont be out until sometime in January. The reason for this is of course the holidays, also running.

I’ve mentioned that I run in previous posts and well the big race I’ve been training for is just about here. I have a marathon in a little more then a week from now then three weeks after my first ultramarathon, a 50K! I have no intention of stopping after either, so naturally running is taking up more time.

I’ll balance it all out though and still get plenty of writing done. Even with a January release for the third arc, that is still a shorter gap between arc one and two. At least I think it is… and on the good news, arc three is longer then two!

Either way, I’ll release another progress report before the end of the year, maybe two. Until then, see ya all later!

Progress Report 11/18/20

  • Perpetual War third arc in the editing process
  • Behemoth chapter done, many more to go
  • Gray Sphere Saga book three, Jax Denek, Board Game idea – both currently on hold

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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