Been a long time since I’ve written a progress report…

I hope you all enjoyed the second part of Perpetual War, following Bryce through his own challenges. If you haven’t read it, you should! It’s all free! Here is the table of contents for every single chapter!

Now with another major project done, what is to come?

The next main project is of course the third arc of Perpetual War. It’s nearing completion already. I had hoped to have it with the editor already, though things have delayed me a bit. Thankfully the delay won’t be anywhere near as bad as the gap between part one and two. The third part will be following Natalia and Bryce to continue their story. I do think if you’ve enjoyed Perpetual War so far, the upcoming part will be quite exciting!

Outside of Perpetual War, I will be honest the other projects I had have slowed to a crawl. My main distractor as of late has been running. With a marathon at the end of November, then my first ultra-marathon two weeks later, I have a lot of training that needs to happen! Running though does tie into running, so it isn’t a waste of time for progress here as it gives me plenty of time to think and brainstorm!

I’ll be doing progress reports every three weeks just like the regular posts, hopefully by the next one I’ll have made great progress! Time shall tell. Until then, enjoy your week everyone!

Progress Report 10/14/20

  • Perpetual War third arc preparing to be handed to editor
  • Behemoth chapter done, many more to go
  • Gray Sphere Saga book three, Jax Denek, Board Game idea – both currently on hold

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