Progress Report 12/04/19

Another report, another two weeks as we near the end of the year…

On the positive side of things is that I’m still writing along and my health improved. The Thanksgiving break was a fantastic chance for me to do a sorta, health reset on everything.

I’m hoping to have arc two officially handed to the editor before the end of the year as mentioned previously. I’ll definitely have one final update before the end of the year hopefully stating that I achieved this goal and talking about the start of 2020.

While you all wait for arc two’s release, if you haven’t already checked out my other works you can find the two novels over on the Gray Sphere Saga’s page and you can find all the short stories and two novelettes I’ve written over on the Stories Page. I highly encourage them, especially Civilization’s Last Battle. A short that I created to go along with the art above. The art is from Julia Uusitalo and you can find them over on Facebook.

Until the next update, happy reading!

Progress Report 12/04/19

  • Perpetual War second arc nearing finish
  • Book Three of Gray Sphere Saga in planning stage
  • Behemoth in planning stage
  • Jax Denek, Board Game idea – currently on hold

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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