Progress Report 11/20/19

Twenty weeks later and Perpetual War arc one is officially 100% released for everyone’s reading pleasure. If you haven’t read the story, go do it!

In the background the second arc is coming along quite nicely. I wrote a ton these past couple of weeks. There is still work to be done, but the effort I’ve put in recently has really put me in a much better position. What is even better is this upcoming Thanksgiving Break will give me even more time to write.

I’ve been going through my plan after I finish arc two a few times now. Arc three of course… but also getting to work at a faster pace for Gray Sphere Saga’s book three, and I want to do something again with Behemoth. Lots of stuff that I know will take up the better part of 2020.

Plans for the future, right now I need to focus on arc two and getting better. Going through another downward turn with my health… this upcoming break is more then just writing, it’s also lots of resting. I want to start December off feeling 100% healthy and able to get arc two to the editor and begin arc three.

Either way you all will hear from me the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ll bring good news all around and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Progress Report 11/20/19

  • Perpetual War second arc in a round of editing
  • Book Three of Gray Sphere Saga in planning stage
  • Behemoth in planning stage
  • Jax Denek, Board Game idea – all three currently on hold

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