Progress Report 10/24/19

It feels like its been a while, though I suppose I am late in posting as this was due yesterday. But, it also feels this way because I just came back from a mini vacation (part of the reason why I’m late). Though now that I’ve returned it’s time to get back to writing a bunch!

Currently I’m editing Perpetual War’s second arc. I want to finish it within the next couple of weeks, but time will tell on that one…

Mean while, the last two chapters of this arc for Perpetual War are currently available on Patreon for just one dollar! If you’d rather not wait to see the end then you can head over there, the support also greatly helps me in funding the costs of editing and commissioning for art. It is difficult to maintain the current quality of the stories without some sort of backing. Any help is welcomed!

Link to chapter Nine and Ten on Patreon

Beyond just Perpetual War, I hope to start writing during my breaks at my day job. It’s difficult to write Perpetual War during a break, but a shorter story may be a possibility. No promises anything will come of this, but maybe in a progress report or two I’ll be giving news of having finished some short story or something else.

Well, until until then, see you all this upcoming Wednesday with chapter nine’s explosive climax!

Progress Report 10/24/19

  • Perpetual War Chapter nine releasing on schedule
  • Perpetual War second arc in a round of editing
  • Book Three of Gray Sphere Saga in planning stage
  • Behemoth, Jax Denek, Board Game idea – all three currently on hold

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