Progress Report 10/09/19

Going to keep this extremely short as I’m currently fighting off a cold. I’m still releasing the next chapter on time both here and over on patreon. As a matter of fact, next Wednesday will be the last chapter of this arc being published on Patreon. Currently patrons can read chapter nine, an exciting climax to Natalia’s first story arc.

Not much else to say as we near the conclusion of this first arc. I’ll have a bunch more news with the next progress report. Details on the future of Perpetual War and my progress with it. I also wont be sick by then so will by in the mood to type out more stuff.

Until then… now its time for more sleep!

Progress Report 10/09/19

  • Perpetual War Chapter eight releasing on schedule
  • Perpetual War second arc nearly done with rough draft phase
  • Book Three of Gray Sphere Saga in planning stage
  • Behemoth, Jax Denek, Board Game idea – all three currently on hold

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