The End to 2018


Here we are, 2018 is just about over. It’s weird looking back at this year on everything that has occurred. I could go into such a ridiculous list of events such as my big move across the state for a new job to successfully publishing book two. It’s hard for me to even acknowledge everything that has happened in such a short span of time.

I rather not dwell on it too much though, it’s important to instead turn to the approaching new year. I have a lot of goals in mind and if I can achieve just half of them that’ll make me immensely happy.

First goal is Perpetual War, second is book three of Gray Sphere Saga, then you have the board game idea I have. There are a few more ideas beyond that, such as actually finishing Behemoth or writing more Jax Denek stuff.

Currently though Perpetual War is the focus. I hope to deliver it sometime in early 2019 and I do believe you all will like it!

Until then…

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See you all in 2019!

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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