Progress Report 10/26/18

Work continues ever onward!

Perpetual War, arc one is just about half way done. I definitely wanted to be further along by now, but progress is progress. I honestly should be used to delays by now, but I am optimistic as usual!

Regardless, I can still realistically be ready by the start of 2019 to begin releasing chapters, so that is good news.

I actually need to start talking to my illustrator in regards to getting images ready. It’d be a shame to run late on the release just because I failed to start a conversation!

Nonetheless I shall return to writing now. I should mention that progress reports will probably be every other week for now as there isn’t a ton to share! Though if anyone wants updates, I’m always open to chatting in email or in comments!

Happy Halloween!

Progress Report 10/26/18

  • Perpetual War Arc One is almost half way done
  • Need to start talking with illustrator in regards to pictures for Perpetual War
  • Need to find part two of the Jax Denek short story I half released…

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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