Progress Report 10/12/18

Work continues to progress in the background.

I haven’t gotten as much work as I wanted to get done, but progress is still progress.

Perpetual War is still the main focus, and I’m definitely liking where it is going. I just need to work on it faster!

Wisps Reverie has also sold a few copies, which is exciting as I definitely have not put as much effort in advertising it like I probably should be. I have my reasons though and I think once Perpetual War is finally ready, it’ll pay off.

In other news, I finally got myself a copy of “TL;DR A RedditWriters MixTape Vol 1.”, which I’m a part of! I took way to long to get said book… I definitely encourage you all to get a copy to read a bunch of short stories from great authors including two exclusive stories from me! Additionally, all profits go to “Doctors Without Borders”!

RedditWriters MixTape Amazon Page

For now, enjoy your weekend. Time to get back to writing!

Progress Report 10/12/18

  • Perpetual War Arc One still being worked on
  • Secret Idea still in planning stages.
  • Book Three of Gray Sphere Saga outline and part of rough draft is done.

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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