Progress Report 9/29/18

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

I know I am. I’ve been getting some work done, including finally syncing my files between my desktop and laptop, so I can start to do work remotely a bit easier. Not exactly new technology, but I never bothered with it until now. Not sure why…

Moving from that tidbit of noise, I saw a message over on Reddit that intrigued me.

Said Reddit post led me to sending a few short stories previously written to a newly made Podcast called “Literary Legion”. You can listen to Mathew DiGioia, the creator of the podcast read aloud “Civilization’s Last Battle” as well as “The Last Witch: Part One”. In addition to those two, there’s an amusing story called “No More Zombies” by Robert Nagle and a peculiar short by Jack Matthews.

Find the podcast here!

I highly encourage you all to check out the Podcast and share it with whomever! It’s great stuff and I’m eager for the following episodes! And if you are a fellow writer like me then submit your stuff! You might get it read on-air.

As for my own work, progress continues to happen on Perpetual War. I don’t have much to say… yet… Soon though. After all, still coming off the high of releasing a second novel!

Progress Report 9/29/18




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