Progress Report 8/24/18

Good news!

Formatter has gotten back to me and sent me the .mobi file of book two. The wait is just about over!

So, what can you all expect in the coming few weeks? Well I’ll be posting an announcement sometime next week hopefully in regards to where to pre-order the book.

After that it’ll be a short wait until the books release. In that period I’ll be advertising where I can to build the momentum!

I’ll go into more detail as we move forward.

In the mean time, part two of the short story is coming out this upcoming Monday. I may delay it by a couple of days for the art. There is art for both parts, however the artist got caught up with real life business. I only posted the first part as promised, however I’ve done no advertising due to the lack of art 😦

Lastly, Perpetual War is still going along. Fixing up chapter five currently. I’ll have a lot more Perpetual War information once book two has been released into the world.

Talk to you all soon with the big announcement!

Progress Report 8/24/18

  • Received book two’s .mobi file. Soon…
  • Part two of short story arriving next week
  • Working on chapter five of Perpetual War

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