The Return Progress Report! 8/10/18

What a busy month!

A lot has happened, most of it all in July.

Got a job interview, actually got the job, moved the three and a half hours away, found a place to live, started work. Essentially the biggest move of my entire life, all within three weeks. It’s been a roller-coaster, but things are finally calming down.

I’m returning to a normal writing schedule and have been busy at work in the background. Between that time I’ve been thinking of some board game ideas to try out with my friends who live close by. With the fancy table pictured below, I have lots of space to try new ideas, finally!



I wont linger on my place though, back to business.

The current plan is to release the first part of a two-part story on 8/20. A new story of “Jax Denek”! The story came from the anthology I submitted too. Unfortunately I was not accepted, so instead I’ll release the story here. No matter what, you all get to read it.

I’ve also begun working on Perpetual War again. More news to follow on that one!

As for book two, the formatter got super busy. She is starting to free up her time, so it wont be much longer.

Altogether, things are still progressing. Just need a bit longer and new material will be here to be enjoyed!

Next Friday will be another report! Then after that a new story!

Progress Report 8/10/18

  • Accomplished the biggest move of my life in the month of July
  • Two-part story of Jax Denek coming out soon
  • Perpetual War work resumed
  • Formatter for book two is working on the finale

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