Progress Report 07/06/18

I hope everyone’s July is going well so far!

To all the Americans I hope the 4th of July was fantastic! I personally did not go anywhere to celebrate, but will be partying in a few days to make up for that.

The most recent project that I finished was the short story that I submitted to an anthology. I should know by the end of this month if I’m accepted. The short story ended up being 9.5K words. It was a lot of fun to write and I’m excited to share more about it. Hopefully sharing details on it getting accepted. Time will tell.

I’m currently working on one more short story for another anthology.

After that I will go straight into the work of Perpetual War and Behemoth.

For now though, I do not have any content for releasing, so don’t expect anything new this upcoming Monday, unfortunately.

Until the next report.

Progress Report 07/06/18

  • Book two still getting formatted
  • Writing second short story for an anthology
  • Perpetual War and Behemoth work to start soon!
  • A new board game idea… details to come soon!


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