Progress Report 06/16/18

Hello everyone, sorry for going momentarily quiet there.

Work is continuing in the background and paper cranes were made by me at my day job!

I do have some news though, I will be releasing the first part of a two part short story near the end of this month.

While those two parts come out, book two should hopefully be moving to the next step of proofreading.

The goal is still to release in July, and so far things seem to be lining up for that.

Lastly, Diplomacy has wrapped up over on my other blog, can see all the posts on the archive page.

I’ll have more news soon!

Also I was testing the idea of adding Ads to the blog. It honestly looked ugly… I rather not clog up this blog with nonsense. If you want to support me then please go to my Ko-fi!

More news soon!

If you want to join the Discord group check it out here – Writer’s Enclave

Progress Report 06/16/18

  • Book two will soon move to proofreading
  • two part short story releasing Monday
  • Diplomacy finished on other blog
  • Discord still going!

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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