Progress Report 06/04/18

I have returned once more!

To cut to the chase…

This past week was successful in some ways and not successful in other ways. The main thing is book two got huge amounts of progress made to it. Though not as much as I wanted as RL was busier then I expected. BUT, I am still immensely happy with how things are going, so I can’t complain.

With editing just about over on my end though… my next focus will be on Perpetual War and getting back to posting on Patreon. I am not happy with how that has been going and it is entirely my own fault.

On the side, Diplomacy posts still come out as they are super easy for me to create. You can read the next one here – Fall 1902

Additionally, I have started a Discord group for Writers/Editors/Readers alike! Whether you want to share your own work or just read what is being share you can check it out here! –

I’ll have more news this upcoming Friday as I continue to power through with editing!

Progress Report 06/04/18

  • Major progress on book two editing
  • More battle reports for Diplomacy are up
  • Discord set up for readers, writers, and editors to share their work or view others

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