Progress Report 05/25/18

Hello all,

Work continues and is soon to ramp up dramatically with Summer break on the horizon. The convenience of working for a school.

The greatest hurdle for book two edits should hopefully be done by next weekend, we shall see if that holds true…

In the mean time I am going on vacation as of today. A close friend of mine is going to be having a wedding in the coming days.

Like usual though, vacation does not mean I do zero writing. There will be plenty of work done!

There will not be any posts next week with the vacation. I shall have an update on June 4th, the first Monday of the month.

In the mean time, enjoy the latest battle report on Diplomacy, Fall 1901!

Progress Report 05/25/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two current draft drawing ever closer to finish
  • Another battle report of Diplomacy is up
  • Starting work on new stories as of this upcoming weekend

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