Progress Report 05/18/18

I am continuing on with edits for book two. Starting to wrap up the current draft I am working on.

I hope to resume releasing stories within a week or two, just bare with me a bit longer.

Besides the editing I have been posting content over on my old blog dedicated to Board Games. The most recent stuff has been in regards to a game of “Diplomacy”

The latest post is for the first turn, Spring 1901

There has been some other secret stuff in the background. I might reveal something, if not a link to another Diplomacy post on Monday. Otherwise see you all next Friday!

I also set up a Ko-fi for one time donations. Any support is greatly appreciated!

Progress Report 05/18/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two current draft wrapping up
  • Releasing some side information on a game of Diplomacy


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