Progress Report 04/27/18

Hello again!

I hope everyone has enjoyed “The Last Witch” so far. I’ve been seeing stats of visitors reading it across various media platforms, some exciting stuff. Can’t wait to share the next two parts!

In the background I’m still working away on book two. The editor is close behind me in fixing stuff up.

I’m thinking this weekend I’ll finish up another short story as a brief break from book two. We shall see on that.

I also set up a Ko-fi for one-time donations. Any support is greatly appreciated!

Check back Monday for part three of the novelette.

Progress Report 04/27/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues
  • Book three of Gray Sphere Saga, on pause while book two is worked on
  • New short story with Hapsam’s art being worked on
  • Perpetual War adjustments in preparation of a final relaunch with the recently finished outline
  • Behemoth outline is done, preparations starting on its eleven chapter story

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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