Back and with a New Look!


The website is finally back and with a fancy new look!

So cut to the chase, what happened?

List of events:

  1. Previous web hosting was nearing expiration and I wanted to move hosts.
  2. Began to transfer the two domains I own to the new host.
  3. Made the mistake of deleting previous website before the transferring was done. Nothing was lost thankfully.
  4. New website was up but with an URL that no one knew about.
  5. Finally yesterday the transfers finished!

During the down time I’ve been fixing up the website and making sure nothing broke during the transfer. Its possible some stuff did, but I think I got the majority of it.

For the most part the navigation is all the same, and I’ll be sure to add some other stuff in time.

Also during this down time I’ve been doing plenty of writing and mostly editing… a ton of editing…

 Any other changes?

I’m going to resume the updates with the release of “The Last Witch” this Friday.

Next Monday will bring “The Last Witch” part two, then the next progress report on that Friday.

As for Patreon, there will be an update next Wednesday with the first part of a new short story.


There should be no more hiccups with the website now that the host has been changed. Everything is back to usual business starting this upcoming Friday.

Progress Report 04/16/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues
  • Book three of Gray Sphere Saga, on pause while book two is worked on
  • New short story with Hapsam’s art being worked on
  • Perpetual War adjustments in preparation of a final relaunch with the recently finished outline
  • Behemoth outline is done, preparations starting on its eleven chapter story

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