Progress Report of 04/6/18


Hope everyone is doing well.

So, I enjoyed my Spring Break and fortunately did stay focused to get some writing done!

The work ranged from a couple of secret projects, a two-part short story, and work on book two edits.

All in all it was a productive break.

I’m continuing to work on editing for book two and also finishing the next set of short stories. I also keep procrastinating Perpetual War, but I really do want to get to it ASAP. I think about it a lot and its characters. Really is fun to write.

This upcoming Monday you all will see the first part to “The Last Witch”. It is a destructive four part story following Hilda in her quest for revenge against the Goddess who spared her. If you want to read it now you can over on Patreon for just one dollar!

See you all on the next update!

Progress Report of 04/06/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues!
  • Book three of Gray Sphere, on pause while book two is worked on
  • Two part short story done. Working on more shorts.
  • Perpetual War chapter six is done, outline up to sixteen and counting!
  • Behemoth chapter one done, outline up to eleven for a complete story.

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