Progress Report of 03/23/18

Happy Spring Break! For those who already are on it or now going on it!

Personally I’m going on Spring Break starting today!

Does this mean I’m not writing? Nope! Spring Break, means more time to write and not deal with my day job.

This past week has been lots of outlining in preparation for this break in particular. I finished said outlines and I know where I’m going in the stories. Now I just have to write all of it during this next week!

So, due to my break I’m going to hold back on posting stories and sorta go dormant. The next update you will all see from me will be April 2nd, with a new short story. Then a progress report on Friday like normal.
I will probably make a couple of posts on Twitter here or there, but don’t expect much.
Lastly, if you wanna read “The Last Witch” the last part is coming out on this upcoming Wednesday, completing the series. A four-part story with revenge and plenty of destruction. You can read it for just one dollar along with other content! Just head over to Patreon!

Progress Report of 03/23/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues!
  • Book three of Gray Sphere, on pause while book two is worked on
  • Talking to artists to begin another set of stories
  • Perpetual War chapter six is done, outline up to sixteen and counting!
  • Behemoth chapter one done, outline up to eleven for a complete story.

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