After the Light

What happens on the verge of death? You see a light. But what about after you reach the light? Many potentials await in the beyond, this is but a glimpse into it.

Another piece from the artist Juila Uusitalo and you can find them over on Facebook.

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After the Light

The wounds inflicted upon my body sent excruciating pain to my very core, my soul. I felt the life seep out of my veins. The warmth I had always known seemed so distant now as a chill took hold of me. I feared the dark that began to fill my vision as all color washed away. I tried to fight it, but I could not even move my arm. It felt as if my arms had been bound to the mud I lay in. I clenched my teeth in frustration, tears began to well up in the corner of my eyes. I knew that was it, then I saw the light.

The weights that had held me down seemed to lift away. The pain now gone was replaced with a feeling of comfort and warmth that blossomed from within my breast. I blinked several times as I saw the color in my vision return. The light still blinded me, but I caught glimpses of movement at the edges of my vision. The light that came and gave me these sudden comforts from the pain began to fade. Its final gift to me was the place where I now stood.

My senses were filled with bliss: a sweet smell drifting through the air, the serene sound of the moving water that I stood in, and the touch of it, cool and comfortable on my bare skin.

I looked all around to see an endless ocean of water, with a bright yellow light in the distance that went in every direction. The dark night sky high above twinkled with full and elaborate constellations that almost seemed to move.

Drifting around me were multitudes of lily pads. Some were empty while others held a flower bud glistening a golden color. I saw movements between the lily pads and recognized the white fish adorned with golden spotted scales.

“Welcome,” a calm voice said.

Turning, I saw her. Long silvery hair, pointed ears, fair and smooth-skinned.

“You are home now,” she said, trailing fingers along various buds around her. The buds opened at her touch revealing large blooming flowers, the petals within a pearly white.

“Home? What do you mean?” I asked. My voice seemed so unnatural and rough compared to hers. I shook in her beauty.

She showed a hint of a smile as she glanced in my direction briefly. “I mean that you have returned to the stars. The place from which all living creatures come.” She reached her hands out, cupping them around a flower. She brought it close to inspect its shape. She gently blew air towards it, causing a small puff of white pollen to fill the surrounding air.

“I died then?” I asked; my heart felt as if it had just skipped a beat. “My journey has come to an end?”

A sweet laugh came as she placed the flower back onto the lily pad to rest. She turned to me with a smile and her silvery eyes filled with sympathy. “No, your journey is far from over. Death is merely a step.” She began to wade through the water toward me. The fish swam around her legs, on occasion coming close enough to brush their scales against her. “I know you are afraid; it is something we all feel. I promise though, there is nothing to be worried about.”

I took a step back, studying her with wary eyes. “How can death be a step? How can it not be the end?”

She came close, reaching out to rest her palm over my heart. “Your heart still beats does it not?”

“Well, yes… but it… it stopped before the light… I think?” I stammered, reaching a hand up to try to brush her away.

Stepping closer, she forced my hands to the side and moved her own up my shoulders and along my neck. “Your original bodies heart may have stopped, but the heart of your soul never did. It merely slowed down before you were brought here and healed.”

“So, my soul was saved, but not my body? I don’t understand; if I lost my body, shouldn’t that be the end?”

She shook her head slowly. “You mustn’t think life as a journey of the physical. It is the journey of the soul. Your soul is now here, safe and sound.”

I nodded my head in understanding, “Alright,” I said, before pausing in thought. “What now then?”

Her smiled brighten across her full lips as if she expected that answer. “Easy,” she replied and stepped to the side. “You find yourself an adventure,” she said and pointed up.

I raised my brow in confusion before gasping as I was suddenly pulled against her.

“Look up, silly.”

Ignoring my closeness to her beauty, I followed her finger towards the constellations above. “There?”

“Yes, among the stars are infinite possibilities for you to explore and enjoy. It’s only your goals and expectations that will limit the possibilities.”

“Wow” was all that I could muster as I scanned the stars with renewed vigor and knowledge. “Where should I even start?”

“Anywhere. Now, go live your life,” she said, and her voice seemed to become more distant with each word. “I shall see you again!”

I looked to my right, expecting to see her. Instead, I saw distant mountains. I blinked my eyes in confusion and looked all around to see that I had come to a great valley. All around me were snowcapped mountains. The fields of grass at my feet felt soft and comfortable. I smiled and sat down amongst the bed of grass. “How far will I go through these stars? So many places to see and live.” I laid back and closed my eyes, exhaustion from the day’s events catching up to me. “Just another step until I see that light again, I suppose.”

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