Progress Report of 03/9/18

Super short progress report unfortunately.

I got sick this past Sunday and its entirely knocked me out. There has been zero writing, but I plan to resume starting today with this post’s release!

I do have some good news though. Got back the edits for Witch part 1-4. I’ll be releasing that soon on Patreon then it’ll release here in the future.

As usual you’ll see a short story this upcoming Monday! If you want to read more content then head over to Patreon ! For just one dollar you can read more stories and support my work!Enjoy your weekend!

Progress Report of 03/9/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues!
  • Book three of Gray Sphere is being worked on
  • Four part short story will be finished soon
  • Perpetual War chapter six done
  • Behemoth chapter three done

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