Progress Report of 02/23/18

Welcome to the final progress report of February! Kinda weird we are already here…

This upcoming Monday is the final short story and its an emotional one that I’m excited to release to you all!

As for stuff happening in the background. Still making progress on book two’s edits and some other stuff.

Main thing I’ve been working on is this epic three part short. Looking forward to releasing that one, very soon!

Don’t want to wait to see the new content then head over to Patreon ! For just one dollar you can read more stories and support my work!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Progress Report of 02/23/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues!
  • Book three of Gray Sphere is being worked on
  • Three part short story will be finished soon
  • Perpetual War chapter six done
  • Behemoth chapter three done

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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