Progress Report of 02/09/18

We draw close to mid-February already. Time is flying!

So got some good news on top of the usual news! Sneak peak of book two is coming out this Monday. It’s the prologue and will give a sneak peek into one of the main characters of the second book.

On other fronts, I’m busy writing the next set of short stories, which is coming along very nicely. I hope to finish it by this Saturday or Sunday.

Work on book three continues, not much to be said without spoiling, sorry.

As for Perpetual War and Behemoth, nothing has happened this week. Though I plan on returning to them soon, just want to finish up these recent short stories first.

As usual if you want to read all the short stories out already on Patreon go check them out! For just one dollar you get to read all the stories a month ahead of their release. As well as access other exclusive content!

Have a great weekend everyone and see you for Monday’s sneak peek!

Progress Report of 02/09/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues, sneak peek incoming!
  • Book three of Gray Sphere is being worked on
  • Next set of short stories soon to finish
  • Perpetual War chapter six done
  • Behemoth chapter three done

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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