Progress Report of 02/2/18

Welcome to February! Looking back January was quite the productive first month of the year.

In January there was the release of eight short stories (four currently exclusive to Patreon). In the background a lot of work was done, which you all will see in the coming months.

Book two is still getting worked on, I wanted it released in January, obviously that isn’t happening. I’ll let you all know when it draws closer to finishing. The editor has still been in and out, unfortunately.

Outside of book two, I am still working on new short stories, Perpetual War, Behemoth, and book three. I have no intentions of slowing the release of content for this year.

If you want to support the development and/or want to read the exclusive stories already out, then go check out the Patreon. The short stories come out a month ahead, and there are other exclusives already there such as two Perpetual War short stories.

One of the stories already out on Patreon is “Last of Her Kind” a sad tale of the end of one world. The picture below which accompanies the story is done by the the artist Monja Ramsak. You can find more of their work either on Instagram or Artstation. You can read a sneak peak of the short story below!

Ophelia looked down at her son, watching helplessly as he took one final gasp for air. She hummed a sweet tune and wiped a tear from his cheek. She saw the pain and fear in his face slowly turn to nothing. “Rest, my son.” With a weak nod, Ophelia slid his eyes closed and lowered him to one of the thin cushions which had been strewn about the room. She rubbed her eyes, trying to fight back the tears that desperately wanted to come.

Progress Report of 02/02/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing continues
  • Book three of Gray Sphere is being worked on
  • Beginning next set of short stories
  • Perpetual War chapter six done
  • Behemoth chapter three done

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