Progress Report 01/18/18

Some bad and good news, though mostly good news.

To start with the bad, the editor for Gray Sphere Book two unfortunately got sick, so the edits are taking longer then planned. I’ll update again as we near the finish line, but it probably wont be making it for a January release, sadly.

Now the good news!

I did start book three, which is already partially done as I’m editing chapters that I had written years ago. I finished the outline and know where I’m going, its just a matter of doing it.

Perpetual War is up to chapter six. Art is being made by Artorias as well, I hope to start publishing each chapter soon.

Behemoth is still in progress. Two chapters done, and working on a third. I still need to get an artist for Behemoth, it definitely needs more time.

My work on different short stories is coming along nicely. Finished another this past week, and I hope to finish a couple more before the end of this weekend. There is already one ready to be published this Monday so you can all look forward to that!

If you don’t want to wait on reading the stories, remember you can sign up to the patreon to read the shorts before they come available here! I’m currently pushing out two stories a week on Patreon until there is a month difference between the exclusive Patreon post and public. The support is welcomed and helps fund the editors and artists that bring the writing to the next level.

Thanks for reading and see you guys for the next report!

Progress Report of 01/19/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two editing has slowed due to editor getting sick
  • Book three of Gray Sphere is being worked on
  • Another short story finished this past week
  • Perpetual War chapter six done
  • Behemoth chapter three almost done

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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