Final Update until 2018!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays and looking forward to more festivities and the new year! I know I’ve been quite busy with family and friends. I’ve still gotten work done though!

Gray Sphere Saga book two is still making progress. Second round of edits are still going on (the longest process in the edits). I talked to the artist last night and will be getting the final piece of art required for the book as well. January release still planned!

In preparing for book two’s release I highly recommend in signing up to the newsletter (signup at the bottom of this page). They’ll be a limited promotion to take advantage of.

Additionally, remember all Patrons get the books for free, and other exclusives I have in store for 2018, sign up for just one dollar a month (signups to the right or bottom)!

During this month I’ve now gotten ten posts written up. Six of them are short stories, Chapters 1 & 2 for Behemoth, and chapters 4 & 5 for Perpetual War. Some have already gotten professionally edited and now are just waiting for the new year before being released to you all.

2018 is still shaping up to be a great year with a ton of written content released for you all to enjoy!

One last thing, I’m still looking for more artists to write stories for their work. If you are an artist or know someone who has a piece they’d like a free story for, let me know! I still have a lot of weeks to write stories for!

Have a fantastic New Year everyone! See you in 2018!

Progress Report of 12/23

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two second round of edits
  • Need to get back to work on board games with the new year
  • Six short stories written
  • Perpetual War chapter five done
  • Behemoth chapter two done

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