Update for December

Been a little while since my last update. Sorry about that.

Lack of updates has a good reason though and that’s cause all the work getting done is not ready to be posted to the world.

First up is Gray Sphere Saga book two which is currently getting edited. Got word last night from the editor that the first round of edits is done. So second round is starting soon. What this means is the January release date for the book is becoming more realistic.

During this interim of editing I’ve decided to work on short stories, Perpetual War chapter four, and a new series called Behemoth (Different from the short story currently on the site). These side projects need to get edited still so that is why you haven’t seen any updates here on the blog.

My current goal is to start 2018 with a bang. I want a short story or chapter of Perpetual War or Behemoth released once a week for the entire year of 2018. Included with that the release of Gray Sphere Saga book two in January with book three followed in Summer.

Next year will see a ton of content and I’m already off to a good start having finished three short stories, one chapter of Behemoth, and almost done with chapter four of Perpetual War. The only thing holding me back currently is I got sick this past Wednesday night unfortunately.

Either way I will be mostly silent leading up to 2018. Expect at least one to two more updates before the close of the year.

Progress Report of 12/01

  • Gray Sphere Saga book first round of edits done
  • Artist getting better but still sick
  • Need to release Cat Collector
  • Three short stories finished
  • Perpetual War chapter four almost done
  • Behemoth chapter one done

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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