Next Stage of Gray Sphere Saga Book Two

I have officially handed off book two of Gray Sphere Saga to my editor! This begins the next process of the book, which should take one to two months, depending.

After this part is done, the proofreading and formatting that follows takes about a week each. Depending on holidays and how things go will dictate the books release. At the earliest I hope for a late December release. Though I’m thinking it’ll be more like January.

For now I turn my focus to Perpetual War chapter four, short stories, and working on the board game. I need a break from Gray Sphere Saga so its the perfect time to work on these side projects.

I wont have anything to release for a little while longer, but as I work on the side projects I should start having stories to release here!

The next update will be another report on progress, aimed for this upcoming Friday. For Thursday I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Progress Report of 11/18

  • Gray Sphere Saga book two has been handed off to editor
  • Artist is currently sick so work on board game has slowed
  • Need to release Cat Collector
  • Did start chapter four of Perpetual War, made some more progress
  • Another short story for a picture again as I enjoyed the last one a lot!

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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