New eBook Stores and Progress

I come with great news! My silence so I could focus on book two has succeeded! I finished the edits last night and will soon be handing them off to my editor. Once handed off I’ll be focusing on short stories and Perpetual War.

So, what does this mean for you all? Well, for one, it means book two will soon be available to read. This also means I’ll soon have short stories and chapters of Perpetual War to post here for free for you all to enjoy. All around great news! I just need more time to complete it.

There is another big announcement and that is Gray Sphere Saga book one – ‘Rucaern Orb’ becoming available on other platforms outside of Amazon. You can now find the book on a bunch of new websites! Note that some of the websites the book isn’t available on yet as Smashwords pushes books out at different times to various websites. As it comes available I’ll update this list.



Barnes and Noble



More to come

If you are interested in purchasing the book but don’t care what website you purchase from then I’d suggest smashwords as that is the site that helps me the most. Enjoy the book and be sure to leave a review upon finishing it, it helps me a ton!

Progress Report of 11/13

  • Handing Gray Sphere Saga book two off for editing very soon
  • Waiting on artist reply for solo board game
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got really caught up with work
  • Did start chapter four of Perpetual War, made some more progress
  • Another short story for a picture again as I enjoyed the last one a lot!

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