Nearing the End of Another Draft

This past weekend went by in quite the flurry of activity. It honestly went by so fast that I completely forgot about this post which I feel bad about. But, I did a ton of writing on book two of Gray Sphere Saga. Honestly lost count how much. Being late with the post, I hope the amount of writing makes up for it!

With book two set to finish this week, that means I need to look over it again for editing purposes. Now I do want to point out that only a few chapters are brand new in this draft, much of it was old stuff from the first draft. So this next pass through wont take remotely close to as long. I plan on finishing it the following week. If everything goes according to plan I hope to hand it off to my editor sometime before Thanksgiving holiday.

Once handed off it’ll take a month or so before its done editing, then I pass it off to the second editor then finally it’ll be time to format these second two took about a week each.

Here comes the obvious problem if you guys don’t see it… and that is of course, the holidays. I can’t predict how fast all this stuff will finish due to the holidays around the corner. I’ll keep up to date on here on how the project goes.

In the mean time the book is still in my court and no editing from anyone will happen unless I push it along. I’ll update at the end of this week as soon as I have this draft done. Goal is Friday, we shall see though!

Progress Report of 11/6

  • Turning all progress on Gray Sphere Saga book two
  • Waiting on artist reply for solo board game
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got really caught up with work
  • Did start chapter four of Perpetual War, made some more progress
  • Another short story for a picture again as I enjoyed the last one a lot!

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