Continued Progress

Well, I did not mean to make this post so terribly late! Either way I don’t have a ton to report. Book two continues to progress, I wrote a lot this past week and will be writing more next week. That’s about all I have to say in regards to book two.

In the mean time though book one is free this entire weekend. If you have not snagged yourself a copy, click the orb link to the right or this  link!

Book one is the introduction to Gray Sphere Saga and is important to read before book two is released! I highly encourage everyone to check it out! It’s a fantastic book, I’m not bias at all.

If you also do not like Amazon for your ebook reading, then I can give you the heads up that book one’s exclusivity to Amazon is ending very soon. Expect links to other ebook stores in mid-November.

Otherwise progress report is below, hopefully I’ll have more fancy news next week!

Progress Report of 10/27

  • Turning all progress on Gray Sphere Saga book two
  • Waiting on artist reply for solo board game
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got really caught up with work
  • Did start chapter four of Perpetual War, made some more progress
  • Another short story for a picture again as I enjoyed the last one a lot!

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