All Focus on Book Two!

Alright so I’m hitting the point that all my attention is now turning to book two of Gray Sphere. This does mean that all my other content will be slowed/delayed. This is obviously bad news in releasing regular content. However, I think it’ll pay off for me to focus heavily on book two.

My current plan is to have it done within the next two weeks. Once I hand it off to the editor, it’ll take him about a month to finish it, during which I’ll talk with him regularly and edit with him. During this edit period is when I’ll be able to write short stories and chapters for Perpetual War again.

After the editor finishes with the story after the month, then it goes off for a second round of edits. It’ll then get laid out nicely in the proper formats that it’ll get published in. Then it’s released!

I’ll still update on Fridays with my progress, but expect no content on Mondays for a bit. The pay off from the silence will be worth it in the long run!

Progress report of 10/20 is below, as usual to summarize! Thank you for reading!

Progress Report of 10/20

  • Turning all progress on Gray Sphere Saga book two
  • Solo board game still being worked on in background with artist
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got really caught up with work
  • Did start chapter four of Perpetual War, however delayed due to Gray Sphere
  • Another short story for a picture again as I enjoyed the last one a lot!

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