Quick Update

I wanted to give a quick update on my work this past weekend. There was a decent amount of writing as well as progress on the solo board game.

For the board game I needed to give details on each card for the artist, in particular what the picture should be. There were a variety of details from knights, to steam engines, and war beasts. Hopefully I’ll have art to share soon! I also need to play test it again… I came up with another change for how spells are cast, which would be far more unique and interesting then it currently is.

As for the writing, a lot of it was in regards to book two’s editing. I’m getting into the phase where a majority of my writing is for book two. I have a tendency of procrastinating, and well my goal for book two being done is coming up. I’ll try to give an actual content update next Monday, but no guarantees. This focus on book two is also why I’m writing this post instead of giving something new to enjoy, so I am sorry for that!

Either way I wanted to just update so you all didn’t think I vanished or anything. I leave you with a snip-it of a conversation between Zak and Velvet from the most recent chapter I wrote.

“Wouldn’t they be good? After all they also have an orb,” Zak knelt by her, rolling his right shoulder in discomfort from the shield.

She slowly shook her head, “No.” Velvet looked back out from behind the mushroom, a slope blocking much of her view, roots snaking in and out of the dirt. “You must always remember Zak. There is no such thing as good or evil, there is simply motives.”

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