Next Report!

Last weekend’s work went very well, I was able to get unstuck in my editing on book two. There was a particular chapter I had gotten stuck on for quite awhile on exactly how to progress. I’ve gotten past that road block now, so I just need to wrap up the editing on it already! I also finished another short story, which you can all read in the prior post.

As for the solo board game, last weekend’s play testing also went great! I got the feedback I was hoping for, now I just need to translate that into actual changes. I plan on doing a bunch of work for it this weekend. Included in this work is ironing out some details to give to the artist, which will hopefully get some sketches delivered soon!

Always more work to be done, summary of what that is can be found below like usual.

Progress Report of 10/13

  • Short story collaboration is finished, going to talk to Artorias, on doing more
  • More play-testing and refining of solo board game in preparation of another release
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got really caught up with work
  • Continuing edits on book two of Gray Sphere Saga
  • Need to start chapter four of Perpetual War already

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