The Unorthodox Merging Short Story

Here is the story for the collaboration I did with Mister Artorias. I was given no guides or details besides the picture he drew. I’m proud of what I came up with, it’s definitely an odd piece. Its oddity though is what made this story so fun to write, and entertaining to read! Enjoy!

The Unorthodox Merging

You of all, dear sister, think you can marry such a creature and not upset the higher powers? He sat in the front row with a grimace, his third unblinking eye studying the creature standing opposite of his sister. The air was thick with the scent of the many flowers that made up the garden the ceremony was taking place in. His other eyes looked around, taking in the similar grimaces and looks of shock and horror of his friends and family. This creature has no family, it’s all alone, but it stands there with such confidence as if it is on a stage and we’re it’s audience. He pulled his eyes away, the words of the officiant lost to him as he looked upon the beauty of the hazy purple sky, its black clouds a comfort to his soul. Why must my family be the odd ones? We’ll be judged for every action we perform because of Melissa’s choice this day. He crossed his four arms, tendrils expanding along his shoulders as he rolled his shoulder in a stretch. What choice is there, though? To not support blood is a crime, and yet to support this union is a sin!

May my soul rest for what I have agreed to this day. He could not see, but he smelt Melissa’s lover. It was an odd smell, something not natural—clean, sterile, and yet somehow disgusting. If there was a time in his life that he wished he could see, it was in this moment. Maybe if he could see he would have never agreed to joining these two lovers in marriage. He tried focusing on the thick pollen in the air, its thick miasmic smell blowing past his nose by the thin breeze. The comfort of the smell eased his mind even as he continued to speak the words, only his many years of practice keeping him focused and without hesitation. What will happen once these two come together? Can I live with myself for supporting this sin? I performed my duty as officiant, everything was permitted… Forgive me, higher.

Now not only must I live with my mistake, but I must live knowing I lost Melissa to this hideous thing! He tapped his thick foot in frustration, crushing the red grass into dust. Melissa was to be mine! How could her father agree to this union! He kept a straight face, instead showing his frustration on his second face hidden behind a flap of fat. A prick of vines caught his attention. Looking down, he saw flowers along the vines wrapping around his foot to try to soothe its tapping. He lifted his foot and proceeded to grind the flowers, the vines squirming briefly before ceasing to move. Everyone here knows it is sin for this union and yet they do not speak up! However, if I do I will be consumed for protest. His second mouth, tired from grinding teeth, turned to the soft texture of the tongue. He tasted the iron of blood. I wish all of us to be damned by the higher!

Kiss, my first kiss. I can’t believe it’s about to happen! Melissa smiled behind her mask, her tongue curling with excitement at what was to come. The words of the officiant fell deaf to her ears, the only thing she could focus on was his breathing, her attention on his glowing eyes, chiseled jaw, perfect lips. How foolish my family was to tell me this man was not beautiful. I’m so glad I ignored them, the time I’ve spent with him has been bliss. Eyes glistening with tears, her smile grew at the memories flooding her mind, her hands and feet shivering in anticipation. Her mind was filled with emotion, but she understood the words said to her as she raised her bony arms, fingers entwining with his. He’s the best man I have ever been with. His heart is so large with love, it floods me with warmth knowing I’ll be with him forever.

The day I saw my daughter with this creature was the day I died. The higher would never approve of such union, and yet I could not say no to my dear Melissa. He sat with bulky muscled arms crossed over his powerful chest. His five eyes had tears in the corners as he sniffed trying to hold them back. When they come I’ll be taken first for this sin, but I knew I would have to answer for letting these two stay together. The higher will have to accept it though, no matter how many they take. He entwined his tail with his wife’s by his side, looking towards her to see her knowing smile. The warmth of his wife’s eyes brought comfort to his troubled heart as he looked back to his daughter, her beautiful, long black dress leaving a trail of pure smoke. After all, you must support the blood of family, no matter what. It is a fine paradox the higher will have to deal with.

End—I didn’t think it would end like this. The garden erupted with a cacophony of noise and flashes of movement. Blood, flesh, and guts flung about as the sound of cracking bone and tendons being torn filled the air. When I saw her it was so strange, my mind was filled with both excitement and disgust. To consider I would fall in love with Melissa is odd, yet I could not imagine the end without her. The tendrils of the garden withered away from the gruesome display, the flowers closing in disgust. The spectators were all wide-eyed at the scene playing out before them, fear gripping their hearts. The blinding purple light emitting from the center danced with the lovers, its glow causing pain upon all those who looked on. “I thought we’d be together forever, and I still honestly believe that. But do I still want that?” The scene came to a halt, final cries of pain cut short, red encompassing every surface. The merging was complete.

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