Report and Playtesting this Weekend!

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the Perpetual War chapters, or at the least the awesome art by Mister Artorias! Writing in general for me has slowed down a little bit, but I plan on working a lot this weekend. I’ll tweet out some progress on it, and hopefully next Friday I’ll have a bunch of details!

Additionally more play-testing of the solo board game this weekend. There has been steady progress on it, I actually came up with an idea for a 1v1 mechanic. That brings the game to solo, co-op with 2 players, and now 1v1. I just need to test the 1v1 to make sure its actually fun! I also talked to the artist a bit today, I need to refine a few more ideas with her, maybe I can release some sketches in the coming couple of weeks, we shall see.

Its a short progress report all around though this week. Time flew by, but I have high hopes for this weekend!

Progress Report of 10/5

  • Short Story collaboration almost done editing
  • Play-testing more of solo board game this weekend
  • Short stories submitted to Anthology. One has returned for editing, still waiting on other
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got caught up with work unfortunately
  • Resuming edits on book two of Gray Sphere Saga

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