Next Report, Great News for Perpetual War!

Excited to say that Perpetual War chapters one, two, and three are done with edited. They’ve been published on Patreon and I’ll be releasing them publicly very soon (Monday is the goal). Additionally I have a surprise coming with them, though you all will have to wait and find out!

Going to play-testing the solo board game more this weekend, and even more so the following one with some friends. I hope some of you have had the chance to look at it, I’m definitely open to any feedback!

I am sorry to say the Cat Collector release is a bit delayed, I got caught up with work. It will come, I just need to get myself in the mood for drawing, which is a difficult task. I still have it on my mind though! I also need to edit book two of Gray Sphere Saga faster, otherwise it’ll take forever! Plenty of work still to be done, progress report below!

Progress Report of 9/29

  • Chapters one, two, and three of Perpetual War done editing, expect them soon with a surprise
  • Print-and-Play solo board game is out, check the earlier blog post here
  • Short stories submitted to Anthology. One has returned for editing, still waiting on other
  • More lore to come out next week for Patreon, not sure what yet
  • Going to play testing the solo board game more… really need a name for it
  • Need to release Cat Collector, got caught up with work unfortunately
  • Resuming edits on book two of Gray Sphere Saga

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