Print-and-Play Solo Board Game released!

Finally releasing the solo board game I have worked on to the public. This version is available for anyone to check it out and play, all you need to do is print it out and cut it into shape. This is not the last iteration of the game, I am still fiddling with mechanics, in particular I am hoping to get any feedback on the game itself!

Behind the scenes I have also commissioned art for the game, which will come later on to make the game fancier. Eventually I’d like to offer a completed and nice looking print-and-play game with the choice of purchasing a boxed copy. Those plans are months down the line, for now let us focus on what is coming with this version of the game.

Download Here!

Solo Board Game 1.5 (Title WIP) Progress

  • This version of the game comes with the player deck and enemy decks, a printable board, and a rulebook.
  • In the future I’ll be re-adding the optional expansions I had offered on Patreon, redesigned to fit the current version of the game
  • I plan on adding an optional rule for two players to work together in co-op.
  • As mentioned above, art will come later to give a thematic look.
  • I need to work on the rulebook for better clarification as well as adding art to make a clean, professional layout.
  • If you have feedback please give it either here, Twitter, Facebook, or by email:

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