Friday Updates Return!

This week went by fast! A little too fast, at least that’s how I felt about it. I did succeed in getting work done. A lot of the work was editing, in this case the two big ones were getting one of the short stories returned to me for edits, which I submitted back for the Anthology. The second was the discussion on the three chapters of Perpetual War I had with my editor.

With that all said, this weekend I will be at a friend’s house, I’ll still post a couple of updates on Twitter/Facebook as usual. Going to play testing the solo board game some. I’ll also be doing lots of editing, particularly on book two.

Monday you will see an update on this site with version 1.5 of the print-and-play solo board game. As for Cat Collector, it’ll come a little later as I wanted to make a couple more drawings for it, expect it maybe next Friday. Usual summary of progress is below

Progress Report of 9/22

  • Chapters one, two, and three of Perpetual War in the middle of getting professionally edited.
  • Print-and-Play Solo board game releasing this Monday. Cat Collector coming Friday.
  • Short stories submitted to Anthology. One has returned for editing, still waiting on other.
  • Another lore piece coming to Patreon, not sure what it will be yet.
  • Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates on what I’m doing!

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