Final Edits and Print-and-Play

So hurricane Irma was fun /s. Fortunately I am fine, and I am returning to work, there is a lot of catching up to do!

This past weekend I finished the second short story for the Short Story Anthology for #redditwriters over on Twitter. I submitted it this past Saturday in time for the deadline. Now I wait and see if I get accepted into it… If I don’t, no big deal, you all will get a chance to read it at some point.

I also spent time working on the solo board game, which I have put off for far too long. I finished everything I wanted to do for this version and it is releasing today on Patreon for a one week exclusive period. Next Monday there will be an update with the download files of the board game. Additionally I realized I never released Cat Collector here, a short little print-and-play game I made for fun, so expect to see that as well.

The progress report of 9/18 is below, you can see the outline of everything I’ve done this past week, as well as what is upcoming for you all to enjoy. Expect an update this Friday as I return to the normal schedule once more.

Progress Report of 9/18

  • Chapters one, two, and three of Perpetual War in the middle of getting professionally edited.
  • Print-and-Play Solo board game and Cat Collector releasing next Monday
  • Behemoth and other short stories to wait until Perpetual War is done getting edited, before they are next.
  • Small Lore piece on Colonel Baranfel releasing on Patreon this Wednesday
  • Back into the rhythm of updates after the hurricane! Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates on what I’m doing!

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