Progress being made in the Background

As discussed in the previous post, I’ve been doing work in the background. I had wanted to release an update today, but unfortunately I got sick Thursday morning and have been mostly tuned out since then. I’m feeling better now and I did get writing done yesterday, however it still has put me behind in the schedule that I wanted to hit.

Tomorrow continues my work week and hopefully me not getting sick again, though it is inevitable working in a school. I still think it’ll be several weeks or months before I deal with it again, which is great! I’m used to my work schedule now and to top it off I’ll be getting my first paycheck soon and I can start building up on hours for time off. Those hours I plan on using to get necessary work done on writing and making board games as I see fit.

The last big thing I want to mention before I get back to work is talking a bit about what I had written yesterday! If you’ve been over to my Twitter within the past few weeks you may have noticed I joined a list called #redditwriters. In that group someone proposed and is leading the publishing of an anthology of short stories of writers, link here. I decided I’ll take part in it to practice my hand at writing short stories. I finished the first of my two entries yesterday, a horror story set in a space ship. I know, a bit cliché, however I’ve never written horror, so it was a nice change of pace.

When the anthology gets published on Amazon I will be sure to share with you all the information about how to get it!

Progress Report

  • Chapters one, two, and three of Perpetual War in the middle of getting professionally edited.
  • Board game unfortunately has not been worked on due to getting sick, though I know exactly what needs to happen next in terms of work.
  • Behemoth and other short stories to wait until Perpetual War is done getting edited, before they are next.
  • Aiming to release small lore piece on Patreon this Wednesday.
  • The future is still unknown, so spooky! Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates on what I’m doing!

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