This Week’s News

Currently doing a lot of work in the background, between writing and designing the board game. I know I missed the update on Friday and to add to that I plan on missing this weeks updates as well, starting with this one considering I planned on releasing content on Mondays, not a news post!

It’s for good reason though, having started a job during the day I don’t have a lot of free time. I need to take a week off to try to create content in the time I do have so I can schedule posts and not feel like I am desperately trying to finish something with every single deadline. The past week or so each update felt rushed instead of being ready days ahead.

There is some positive news in this though, with a job I have a steady income until this whole writing thing can take off. Income means I have decided to go ahead and continue to commission the editor that worked on the novel to also work on the different short stories and chapters I am posting.

This all means higher quality updates, I just need a little delay before I can start releasing said content. Below is my ‘ideal’ release schedule, obviously we shall see if that holds true by next week!

Planned Release Schedule

  • Next Monday I plan on releasing the professional edited chapters one, and two of Perpetual War, as well as chapter three.
  • That Wednesday on Patreon I want to release the next update of the board game, which I have delayed far too much!
  • The following Monday will see the release of Behemoth professionally edited and finally a print-and-play release of the board game to the public.
  • Patreon’s update that Wednesday will be Perpetual War chapter four or a lore piece.
  • The future beyond is unknown at this point! Mysterious! Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates on what I’m doing!

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Author of the on-going serial "Perpetual War"

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