Rucaern Orb is Available!


Rucaern Orb, the first book of the Gray Sphere Saga!

You can find the Rucaern Orb on Amazon here!

This journey started back in high school Sophomore year, more than nine years ago. I finished my first draft by early 2011. I began work on the second book almost immediately, and realized while writing it that I had improved greatly since I started. I went back and edited the first draft, which led me to rewriting it all. I had concluded that the entire first draft gave me five parts, each of which could be an individual book. The basic framework of these parts told me where the story could go, however all the details needed to be gutted. So, I got to work, rewriting, a lot.

December of 2013 rolled around and I published ‘Ice Reaper’, I was excited, but something seemed off. I got to work on the second book and finished it as well! This was when my close friend Kyle mentioned to me that the books could be told in a different order. I hated agreeing with him as it meant more work, but he was right. I began the re-order, but it was slow. I didn’t unpublish Ice Reaper either, even though I needed to, I sort of got stuck on the idea of pulling back any work that I had released to the world.

It was at the start of this year that I finally pushed myself out of my rut and finished the first book. I realized what made ‘Ice Reaper’ seem off was the lack of professionalism within the book itself. It had a beautiful cover, but no editor touched its story within. I decided that if I was to publish a new book it needed to be as perfect as possible. I was fortunate enough to have the same illustrator for the cover of ‘Rucaern Orb’, and this time editors to help me.

Now, the book is available and I don’t plan to stop here, there is so much more work to be done in this saga. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I loved writing it!

You can find the Rucaern Orb on Amazon here!

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