July Progress Report!

Here is the project report of the Patreon!

Everything below is what was released or upcoming from July. You can see previous content still available here!

Currently available for just a single dollar a month!

  • Perpetual War’s second chapter
  • Two chapters of book 2, continuing the story with Zak and Dorn
  • Behemoth short story
  • The base version of the solo board game available for print and play

Currently available for three dollars a month!

  • Character bios of Vakhno and Kadir from Perpetual War’s second chapter
  • The original version of Behemoth and another short from when I was younger for your amusement
  • Solo board game expansions to mix up the game play with new challenges

If you are not a fan of Patreon then there is still good news ahead!

  • Book 1 slowed down a little bit, but its hitting the final moments of production. The picture above is the emblem of the book from the artist!
  • You can still see some of the content I am releasing over on my Twitter and Facebook where I am making more frequent updates
  • Book 2 is planned for a Winter release
  • Solo board game is still being worked on in preparation for a physical copy

What is ahead?

  • There is at least one post planned in the month of August in regards to book 1. Next summary at the end of the month!
  • Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to the right to get detailed reports, if you prefer email –>

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